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ACADEMY OF PLEASURE 6 HANDS – VIP service from the salon Yes Boss

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дыхание страсти в эротическом спа в СПб

“Academy of pleasure 6 hands” is an amazing erotic adventure, filled with hot touches and new emotions. The program is suitable for men of any age. She gives a unique pleasure and complex relaxation.

Erotic massage with three girls!

Ordering “Academy of pleasure 6 hands”, you get:

  • A rich program with the participation of three charming masseuses. The girls will take you to the top of bliss, give you incomparable pleasure.
  • Erotica is a key feature of the program. You are waiting for a rich lesbian show and imitation of classic sex.
  • The considerable duration of the procedure will allow to know all its charms. Masseuses will pay attention to the preparatory activities, activate erogenous zones and hidden centers of pleasure.

The duration of the massage is 120 minutes, its cost is 16,000 rubles.

Group erotic massage for true connoisseurs of passion and pleasure

групповой массаж в 6 рук спбMasseuses involved in the procedures have a lot of positive qualities:

  • Natural beauty. Girls have a beautiful appearance, their movements are light and graceful.
  • Amazing figure. Masseuses have impeccable forms, are the embodiment of femininity.
  • A rich experience. All elements of the massage are performed at the highest level.

Procedures involving three masseuses are very popular. They give a lot of impressions, allow you to get pleasure, comparable to sexual intercourse.

Sensual touches of girls will allow to get new, bright emotions.

Erotic massage in the salon Yes Boss is:

  • Perfect relaxation after a hard day or a stormy weekend.
    Multiple, all-consuming touch.
  • The environment of amazing girls who are ready to give tenderness in unlimited quantities.
  • Amazing program turns, making unpredictable every trip to the salon.

The studio is located in the central part of St. Petersburg, it is easy to get to it.

The program will allow you to look at a classic erotic massage from a different angle.

Key features of the “Academy of pleasure in 6 hands”:

  • Special entourage. The event is held in a room with huge mirrors. A spacious bed, equipment for water procedures are waiting for you. There are additional interior elements that give a special charm.
  • Personalization. Girls adapt to your requirements. Expansion of procedure through additional services is allowed.
  • Change masseuse. Want to diversify the process as much as possible? After an hour of the procedure, you can replace one or more girls. This will allow you to get acquainted with the greatest number of masseuses, to feel all their charms.

At your service an experienced barman. He will prepare delicious cocktails, offer a variety of snacks.

A visit to the salon Yes Boss is a vivid adventure, memorable for many years. With our help, you will discover new facets of sensuality.

We invite all residents of St. Petersburg and guests of the city.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 rub.)

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