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№ 1 In St. Petersburg

Erotic massage from 3000 rubles

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Erotic Massage
3000 руб. - 30 мин.
Favourite cocktail
4000 rub. - 60 min.
Sakura branch
5000 rub. - 60 min.
Sensual massage.
6000/7500 rub. - 60/90 min.
Erotic temptation.
10,000/12,000 rubles - 60/90 min.
Sweet strawberry
10,000/12,000 rubles - 60/90 min.
The breath of passion.
10000/15000 rub. - 120 min. / 4 hands
All inclusive
14000/25000 rub - 120 min. / 4 hands
20000/25000 rub. - 120/180 minutes
Разделитель Разделитель

By contacting Yes Boss, you can order Erotic massage inexpensively. We offer a wide range of programs. The range of solutions for couples, male and female companies. Each program has its own features. One is aimed at relaxation, the other allows you to get a storm of emotions. Turning to the salon Yes Boss, you can order erotic massage cheap.

The price of massage in St. Petersburg - how is the final cost of services formed?

For erotic massage in St. Petersburg, the price depends on the following factors:

  • Complexity of the program: the price is associated with the specifics of the procedure: you can order a winding massage, imitation of sex, massage with a strap-on. Erotic services are accompanied by relaxing baths, private dancing, peep shows. Possible massage naked body or feet
  • Event duration: massage programs vary in duration. You available massage of secret zones for 1 hour, procedure with erotic touches for 3 hours, aqua program with sexy masseuses at 2 o'clock
  • Special wishes of the client: allowed to expand the program at your discretion. Along with the massage of secret places you can order imitation oral action, touching different zones of a masseuse, various erotic supplements
  • The number of participating masseuses: the cost of services is affected by the number of attracted girls. Massage in St. Petersburg is available from by participation one, two or three ladies. For VIP-clients there are special erotic procedures.

You can find out what the cost of an erotic massage is by phone, via electronic form or during a personal visit to the salon.

You are waiting for the best masseuse Peter!

Massage of erotic zones - enjoy without sex

Salon Yes Boss offers programs with an interesting ending in St. Petersburg: measures are aimed at stimulating erogenous zones, give pleasure comparable to full natural proximity. Vivid emotions are available to women and men. For couples there are programs for two. They will return to their former passion, fill them with new impressions.

Two or three masseuses participate in the steam program. The number of girls has a direct impact on the price of the event.

The best deals in St. Petersburg

Turning to Yes Boss, you can order a massage in St. Petersburg on favorable terms. The merits of the salon managed to evaluate hundreds of visitors. For the sake of meeting with our girls, clients come from other cities and countries. They know the pleasure more than makes up for the time spent. Five reasons to visit our salon:

  • Perfect service: we take into account the wishes of the client, we offer basic and individual programs. The customer will be able to choose an event with any preferences.
  • Great location: nearest Salon is located in the central part of St. Petersburg. You can reach it at night and day
  • Work 24/7: visitors are served around the clock. Get unforgettable pleasure at any convenient time.
  • Comprehensive assistance: salon administrators will answer customer questions. They will tell you how much massage costs, recommend solutions taking into account the wishes of the visitor.
  • Reasonable pricing: Compared to other massage parlors, Yes Boss prices are quite affordable.
Get unforgettable emotions right now. Just look at us!

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 p.)

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