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How to do a classic massage?

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Massage has a tonic and tonic effect on the body. It improves blood flow, normalizes the work of the joints and respiratory organs. The procedure is especially useful for diseases of the genitourinary system.

During the massage, the whole body or its separate parts are stimulated:

  • Neck and collar area.
  • Back.
  • Limbs.

The duration and intensity of the procedure is determined individually. Taking into account the physiological features of a person, the presence of medical contraindications.

Types of massage

There are several types of classic massage:

  • Sports. The procedure is aimed at improving muscle tone. It is recommended for athletes before and after the competition.
  • Cosmetic. The massage maintains the elasticity of the skin, allows you to keep youth and beauty.
  • Hygienic. Profile events conducted with the use of oils, creams and cleansing compositions.
  • Therapeutic. Specialized massage that allows you to deal with various diseases.

The procedure is performed in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. It provides the most effective massage.

Independent massage

How to make a classic massage? This question worries many lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Today we will look at the basic principles of the procedure, as well as the sequence of actions.

Classical massage takes place in several stages:

  • Stroking It is performed with an open palm with constant slight pressure. The main task is to warm up the skin and subcutaneous tissue. By stroking the masseur prepares the body for a more intense effect.
  • Trituration. The action is performed with the palm or knuckles. The skin and deep tissues are stimulated.
  • Kneading. Exposed to the main muscles located on the target site. Kneading is carried out only after complete relaxation.
  • Vibration. The final action associated with a small tapping or tapping. With the help of vibrations, the neuromuscular apparatus is stimulated, blood circulation increases.

Periodic massage treatments will preserve youth and beauty, ensure a high quality of life.

Professional massage

Turning to our salon, you can order a classic and erotic massage. Our experienced masseuses will help to relax, will give a lot of unforgettable sensations.

You can sign up for the procedure right now. Just contact the administrator.

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