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№ 1 In St. Petersburg

Erotic massage from 3000 rubles

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COUPLE MASSAGE — a classic service from Yes Boss

Разделитель Разделитель

Romantic procedure, giving pleasure to both partners. The event has a special charm, filled with gentle touches.

интимный массаж для пары

Waiting for you:

  • Meeting with two masseuses. The choice of a girl is the privilege of each partner. During the procedure, you can change masseuses, order additional options.
  • Amazing atmosphere. Massage is performed in a room equipped with everything necessary for relaxation. You will be surrounded by pleasant aromas, enveloped in a mysterious twilight.
  • A long program. The procedure lasts one hour. During this time you will know all her charms.

Extending the event, you can replace both masseuses. This will diversify the program, give new sensations.

When should I order eromassage?

Erotic massage for a couple will help:

  • restore a relationship after a long separation;
  • make amends to a partner;
  • return former passion and excitement;
  • organize a gift on the occasion of the celebration;
  • surprise the other half.

Programs may vary in performance. Some are filled with passion and energy, others – with affection and tenderness. What will be the procedure depends on you.

Massage for a couple is a great opportunity to restore relationships, add charm and spark of passion to them.

Best offer from the studio Yes Boss

для пары эротический массаж 24/7 в Санкт-Петербурге

Salon Yes Boss invites for a massage for two. At the service of visitors:

  • well-developed paired programs focused on complex relaxation;
  • roomy bar, filled with delicious dishes and drinks;
  • high-quality erotic performed by experienced masseuses;
  • immaculate interiors.

Girls are distinguished by natural beauty, special grace and grace. They have considerable experience, take into account the peculiarities of customers, their requirements and wishes.

The salon is located in the center of St. Petersburg, you can reach it by personal and public transport. Customers are served around the clock. Cash and bank cards are accepted.

Erotic massage for a couple will return old emotions, will help to take a fresh look at your partner. The cost of the procedure is 12 000 rubles.

Favorable deal from the salon Yes Boss

Solemn day is approaching, and you have not decided on a gift? Do not despair, look at our salon. We offer certificates that are appropriate for any holiday. Such a gift will delight and surprise, become the embodiment of care and sensuality.

The certificate allows you to:

  • order the program, according to the existing nominal;
  • enjoy a massage at any time of the day or night;
  • use a certificate for partial payment of services;
  • order a variety of add-ons.

Certificates are always available. They have a stylish design, looks great on the background of other gifts.

You can purchase a certificate, as well as learn about current promotions, from the salon administrators. They will answer your questions, help with the application, prompt the optimal program.

Разделитель Разделитель

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 p.)

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