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SPA massage in St. Petersburg

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Массаж с эротикой для пар, женщин и мужчинContacting YesBoss salon will allow you to enjoy high-quality erotic massage. Visitors are offered classic and extraordinary solutions. There are programs for women, men, couples in love.

The studio is popular among residents and visitors of St. Petersburg, has many advantages.

  • Activities for every taste. The most demanding visitors will be able to enjoy a stay in the cabin. We offer classic, group and extraordinary programs. Solutions for connoisseurs of BDSM and all kinds of accessories are provided.
  • Impeccable masseuses. Attractive girls are responsible for organizing the procedures. They have a beautiful figure, own various massage techniques. Each masseuse has its own zest. This makes the events especially passionate and piquant.
  • Great atmosphere. It offers spacious rooms, shrouded in twilight and pleasant aromas. Massage is performed on a roomy bed surrounded by huge mirrors. Before and after the program, water procedures are provided. They relieve the accumulated stress, allow you to tune in the right way.
  • Convenient location. SPA salon is located in the center of St. Petersburg, it will not be difficult to get to it.
  • Taxi at our expense. When ordering any of the SPA services, the salon pays the cost of a taxi. This saves the client from unnecessary worries, allows you to immediately proceed to the procedure.

ЭРОТИЧЕСКИЙ МАССАЖ СО СТРАПОНОМThe studio regularly holds promotions. With their help, you will be able to win champagne, sweets, additional services. Birthday parties, early visitors, noisy companies will be able to get special benefits.

Who should visit YesBoss?

Who should visit YesBoss?

  • you appreciate women’s society;
  • you like to try everything new and unusual;
  • experienced a nervous strain or tired of physical work;
  • want to continue the party;
  • intends to surprise the soulmate with an original gift.

Studio doors are open around the clock. Orders are accepted by phone, by electronic form or by a personal visit to the salon.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 p.)

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