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Erotic massage from 3000 rubles

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Masterful erotic massage in the best studio of St. Petersburg: Yes Boss

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Мастерский эротический массаж в лучшей студии Санкт–Петербурга: Yes BossA professionally performed massage is the key to quality relaxation and unprecedented pleasure. The procedure relieves stress, normalizes blood flow, reveals new facets of sensuality. It suits women, men and couples in love.

The erotic direction of massage programs is the most popular and desirable. Actions performed in this way contribute to the achievement of the highest excitement and saturated discharge.

Events have different styles.

  • Classic. Programs in the basic version, optimal for most customers. Classical solutions help to relax after work, prepare for frank adventures, and forget about existing problems.
  • Light eroticism. Moderate treatments containing stimulating stimulation, gentle touch and stroking.
  • Rich programs. Hot massage satisfying lust. During the event, special accessories can be used, additional girls can be involved.
  • BDSM Solutions for sweet pain lovers. The program involves a sexy lady who embodies the most daring desires.
  • Group joys. Rest in the company of two or more girls. Charming masseuses will fulfill any client’s wishes.

Erotic massage is a great end to the day. The received emotions will remain in the memory for a long time, they will certainly want to experience them again.

In the salon Yes Boss the best masters of erotic massage

Yes Boss salon will help you enjoy erotic massage in St. Petersburg. Here are collected the best programs of eastern and western orientation. The most demanding customers will experience an all-consuming pleasure.

Experienced masters are responsible for the massage. Girls have a lot of advantages.

  • Great external data. Masseuses have a perfect figure and good looks. Staying in their company gives aesthetic and physical pleasure.
  • Professionalism. Ladies organize individual and model programs. The most demanding visitors have access to private solutions, filled with lust and passion.
  • Harmonious work. Girls work well in a team, provide a wide range of sex services.

You can choose the right masseuse right now! Just go to the appropriate section and see the photos of the witches Yes Boss.

Erotic massage from expert masseuses

Yes Boss Studio is waiting for residents and visitors of St. Petersburg. Our girls will provide an impeccable vacation, surprise with bright surprises.

We have prepared unique offers that make your stay in the studio even more enjoyable.

  • Taxi at our expense. When paying for any of the services, the salon compensates for the cost of a taxi. This will allow you to forget about transportation costs, concentrate on getting pleasure.
  • Location in the center of St. Petersburg. You can get to the studio from any part of the city. It is recommended to use a taxi, but you can resort to using the subway and personal transport.
  • Unprecedented variety. The list of available events is periodically expanding. New solutions appear with enviable frequency.
  • Fair prices. The current prices are reflected in the regular price list, are not subject to change.

You can apply for procedures through a regular site or by visiting the salon in person.

We look forward to your visit!

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 p.)

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