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My angel – an erotic massage service in the salon Yeeesboss

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Erotic massage “My Angel” is a gentle and sensual program. It is filled with beauty and special charm, gives divine relaxation and rapid excitement.

The event is relevant after a hard day, is a great end of the evening.

эротический массаж ангела

The specifics of the procedure:

  • High-quality erotic for men. The program is focused on the stronger sex. She will interest any man.
  • Imitation of classic sex. Highlight of the event. Masseuses will give pleasure, similar to the full sexual intercourse, will take into account your tastes and wishes.
  • Significant duration. Massage lasts 60 minutes. This is enough to feel all its charms.
  • Comprehensive erotic massage. Part of the procedure associated with burning touch and languid sighs. The rhythm and intensity of the air massage you choose yourself.
  • During the event, you can order additional services. They diversify the process, increase the pleasure received.

The program gives complete immersion in relaxation for 60 minutes. It bumps into memory for a long time, it is associated with pleasant and bright feelings.

When should I order an event?

“My Angel” will appeal to those who:

  • appreciates tender and tender touches, cannot imagine life without feminine warmth;
  • loves classic sex;
  • tired after work week, feels moral and physical weakness;
  • never tried eromassage, dreams of touching the unknown.

“My Angel” is an all-consuming erotic massage with a gentle and gentle whisper. The event is aimed at lovers of romance and charm.

Storm of tenderness and passion in the center of St. Petersburg

взрывной массаж мой ангел в СПб

Yes Boss is an erotic salon in St. Petersburg. We offer bright programs for lovers of quality erotica and new sensations. Customers can count on:

  • a variety of activities affecting different areas of the senses;
  • amazing interiors that customize the way;
  • acceptable cost of services;
  • promotions and bonuses, nice for beginners and regular visitors.

The range of services is regularly expanding. New original solutions appear with enviable periodicity.

About our girls

For the execution of programs are responsible masseuses Yes Boss, possessing the following qualities:

  • Competence. Rich experience – the advantage of masseuses. Girls will find an approach to any man, will give a lot of bright emotions.
  • Excellent external data. Our employees are beautiful and slim. They have a graceful gait, deliver a special aesthetic pleasure.
  • Courtesy. Masseuses will fulfill your desires. Whisper them, what would you like to see and feel.

Yes Boss Salon is located in St. Petersburg, 5/1 Dobrolyubova Ave. Customers are serviced 24/7. Cash and bank cards are accepted.

The cost of the program “My Angel” is 4 500 rubles per hour.

Surprises for visitors

Valuable gifts are regularly played at the salon:

  • certificates for a certain amount;
  • candies;
  • sparkling wines and fine cocktails;
  • discounts and nice bonuses.

Everyone has a chance to get a prize. It is enough to use the services of the salon during a particular action.

We look forward to your visit!

Разделитель Разделитель

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 rub.)

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