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UNFORGETTABLE FANTASY IN 4 HANDS – a popular service from the salon Yes Boss

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“Unforgettable fantasy in 4 hands” is a gentle and passionate program. The event is focused on men, able to deliver pleasure at any age.

массаж в 4 руки

The procedure includes:

  • Imitation of classic sex. The action is similar to sexual intercourse. It allows you to achieve true pleasure, to realize the beauty of the female body.
  • Erotic massage. Mandatory component of the event. Massage will help to relax, forget about the daily bustle and problems at work.
    Aqua procedure. A visit to the shower with a girl. Masseuse relieve accumulated stress, returns strength and vigor.
  • The procedure is carried out at a convenient time for the client. The greatest effect is achieved in the morning and evening hours.

The program is perfect for a couple. She will reveal new facets of sensuality, will give a lot of bright sensations!

Features of the event

Eromassage “Unforgettable fantasies in 4 hands” is:

  • Attraction of several girls. Two masseuses are involved in the procedure. If necessary, you can increase their number.
  • The optimal duration. The event lasts 60 minutes. This is enough to get acquainted with all its features. For more sophisticated customers there is the possibility of renewal.
  • The introduction of diversity. Want something unusual? Whisper about this masseuse salon. They will propose solutions using latex and strap-on.

With our masseuses you realize your wildest fantasies!

When should I order an erotic massage with two masseuses?

чувственный эротический массаж в 4 руки в Санкт-Петербурге

Erotica with the participation of two girls would be appropriate if:

  • you like a complex massage, relaxing every cell of the body;
  • you love the company of several girls;
  • you appreciate not only classic sex, but also its imitation;

You like to relieve stress through water treatments.

Masseuses take into account the wishes of the guests and their preferences.

They are graceful, beautiful and elegant. The price of the procedure is 8 000 rubles.

Visit to the salon Yes Boss in St. Petersburg

Anyone can order a high-quality massage in SPB, just contact our studio. We offer single and group programs.

Intimate massage for couples perform experienced girls. They do not violate the framework of what is permitted, and give pleasure to both partners.

Visitors to the salon can win valuable prizes. They are given a gift certificate, discount coupons, alcoholic beverages, chocolates.

Five reasons for Yes Boss:

  • location in the center of the northern capital;
  • fair prices;
  • girls for every taste;
  • the possibility of adjusting the programs on your own;
  • immaculate interiors

We will be glad to see you in our salon!

Разделитель Разделитель

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 rub.)

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