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Erotic massage from 3000 rubles

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The unforgettable effect of erotic massage

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Незабываемый эффект от эротического массажаErotic massage is an enchanting adventure that can please women, men and couples in love. The event delights with its richness and versatility, is a great end to the day and the continuation of the evening.

Massage treatments have a number of key differences.

  • Directivity. For each group of participants special solutions are provided. Men are waiting for passionate adventures, women – languid affection, lovers – group joys.
  • The number of participants. Experienced masseuses are responsible for conducting the programs. One, two or three girls can please a client. The latter option is most preferred. It allows you to get maximum satisfaction, like a sophisticated visitor and a beginner.
  • Duration The duration of the events is from 30 to 120 minutes. Half-hour programs are suitable for an initial acquaintance, two-hour programs are for complete relaxation.

Massage has a lot of positive effects: stress relief, normalization of the nervous system, stimulation of blood flow, getting true pleasure from intimate contact.

An excellent selection of erotic massage programs in St. Petersburg

Salon Yes Boss invites all lovers of quality relaxation. We have prepared amazing programs aimed at maximum customer satisfaction. In assortment:

  • classic massage, providing quality relaxation;
  • erotic massage giving an unforgettable orgasm;
  • massage with a strapon for connoisseurs of thrills;
  • Lingam massage focused on the male genital organ;
  • PIP and lesbian shows, allowing you to tune in the right way;
  • water procedures that wash away stress and fatigue.

Demanding guests have additional options.

  • The use of oils. Aromatic oils will make the skin sensual and soft. They will increase the severity of tactile sensations, spread heat waves throughout the body.
  • The increase in the number of girls. Attracting additional ladies will increase the passions, diversify the program.
  • The use of various “toys”. Auxiliary accessories will enhance the emotions of the usual procedures, give them a special piquancy.

Actions related to the expansion of events are limited by the visitor’s imagination.

The brightness and variety of available types of erotic massage

Enjoy high-quality eromassage can residents and guests of St. Petersburg. It offers visitors group, single and combined procedures. The list of programs is periodically expanded; new, interesting offers regularly appear.

Five reasons to look at Yes Boss.

  • Sexy masseuses. Our girls have an impeccable appearance. They own Western and Eastern techniques, will do everything possible to satisfy the guest. The society of masseuses will be pleasant to women and men.
  • Location in the center of St. Petersburg. You can get to the studio from any part of St. Petersburg. You can use private and public transport. When paying for any of the taxi services at our expense.
  • Individual approach. Staff administrators will help you find the right program. They will talk about the available offers, recommend the best solutions.
  • Themed adventures. Each holiday is associated with certain events. We carry out stylization of procedures within the framework of February 14, March 8, New Year.
  • Transparent prices. The cost of services is reflected on the site. The client does not pay additional fees and commissions.

Give yourself a bright and unforgettable adventure! Visit the Yes Boss salon this evening.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 p.)

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