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Erotic massage from 3000 rubles

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Cleopatra’s secret – a popular massage from the salon Yessboss

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“Cleopatra’s Secret” is a massage program for beautiful ladies. The event is filled with sensual touches, enchanting smells and vivid experiences. It will help to relax after work, party or a long trip.

массаж девушка девушке

Features of the “Cleopatra’s Secret” eromassage:

  • the program is implemented by experienced masseuses, taking into account the features of the female body;
  • erotic massage is performed on a huge bed surrounded by many mirrors;
  • the procedure is replete with elements of eroticism, delivers unearthly pleasure.

“Cleopatra’s Secret” is a wonderful gift for March 8, wedding anniversary or relationship. At the discretion of the client, the program may be extended or extended.

Every massage is an unforgettable erotic adventure!

When is the program appropriate?

Get acquainted with the “Secret of Cleopatra” is, if you:

  • you love languid caresses, gentle, barely perceptible touches;
  • used to trying everything new, expanding the boundaries of what is permitted;
  • follow your mental and physical condition;
  • adore erotic fantasies.

Hot touches and gentle whisper of the masseuse are waiting for you. The procedure will remain in memory for a long time, it will certainly want to be repeated!

Features of the event

The original erotic massage program for lovely ladies has the following options:

  • only the female sex is involved in the procedure, which creates a special atmosphere;
  • massage duration – 1 hour;
  • the program adapts to the client, takes into account the parameters of her body, wishes and suggestions.

The time for rest has come! Open up in our salon and come to us again and again.

High-quality erotic massage in St. Petersburg

эротический массаж девушке спб

In the cabin Yes Boss you will plunge into the atmosphere of lust and passion. They are waiting for you:

  • Solutions for any mood. Along with “The Secret of Cleopatra” other programs are available to you. In the assortment of “Massage for couples”, “Academy of pleasure in 4 hands”, “Hot Orange”.
  • Each event has its own flavor, held in a special atmosphere.
  • Professional approach. Masseuses have gentle hands and rich experience. They will bring you to the top of bliss, will give a lot of new sensations. The events involved a different number of girls.
  • Nice additions. At your service a wonderful bar. It serves fine drinks and snacks.
  • Presented solutions for single visitors and friendly companies.
  • Promotions. The lounge is constantly held jokes. You can win a gift certificate, a box of chocolates, a bottle of champagne.

The studio is located at St. Petersburg, Dobrolyubova Ave. 5/1. Clients are served 24/7, cash and plastic cards are accepted.

The cost of the program “Cleopatra’s Secret” – 6 500 rubles.

Allow yourself the unique erotic pleasure this evening.

Разделитель Разделитель

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 p.)

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