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Erotic massage 2500 rubles

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SAKURA BRANCH – how to make massage, features. Service from the salon Yeeesboss

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ветка сакуры эротический массаж 24/7 в Санкт-Петербурге

Massage program “Sakura branch” is filled with oriental warmth and grace. It is performed in a special atmosphere, allows you to relax, forget about the daily bustle. The event is popular among connoisseurs of erotica and classical procedures.

The massage “Sakura branch” is gentle and sensual. This evening you will never forget!

What is “Sakura branch”?

“Sakura branch” is an amazing massage procedure. It is inspired by Japanese traditions, has its own, unique style.

Key features of the program:

  • The masseuse pays special attention to erogenous zones, her movements are light and barely perceptible.
  • The event contains gentle kisses and light bites.
  • The game of contrasts: heating and cooling certain areas of the body gives sensations, unfamiliar earlier.
  • Blow, similar to the pleasant sea breeze and light spring wind.

Gentle and skillful hands of masseuses will give a unique pleasure!

What is the secret of the popularity of “Sakura branches”?

In the salon Yes Boss you can order an amazing oriental massage. The event is in significant demand. Visitors are attracted to:

  • Amazing masseuses. The procedures are performed by experienced and beautiful girls. They have an immaculate figure, capable of realizing the most daring fantasies.
  • New facets of pleasure. Massage gives subtle pleasure, tangible at various levels of sensuality. The procedure stimulates blood circulation, affects the erogenous zones. It is pleasant and healthy.
  • Mysterious atmosphere. The event is held in a special room. The room is filled with twilight, it has a spacious bed, mirrors, shower. Be sure to have a soft, refined aromas.

Eromassage lasts 60 minutes, costs 4 500 rubles. You can vary the procedure with additional options, extend it or change the masseuse.

чувственный эротический массаж в Санкт-Петербурге

Massage Script

The program is executed in the following order:

  • You determine the duration of the massage, are located in the room you like.
  • After a while, a masseuse appears in the room. She greets you and starts the event.
  • The girl warms up your case. For this, manual manipulations and auxiliary formulations are used.
  • The masseuse works with erogenous zones, imitates kisses, languid and passionate touches.
  • The final phase is represented by a tonic massage.
  • Girl’s breath will warm and burn you! This you will not find anywhere else.

Performance technique

Erotic oriental massage is performed according to four postulates:

  • Intensive work with the body in order to maintain optimal temperature.
  • The presence of blows affecting the erogenous zones and the most heated areas.
  • Imitation of kisses or their immediate execution.
  • Conducting massage at a pace that is optimal for the client.

You can learn the secrets of the east in St. Petersburg, 5/1 Dobrolyubova Ave. Our salon will be happy residents and guests of St. Petersburg.

Разделитель Разделитель

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)

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