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Erotic massage from 3000 rubles

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VIP intimate massage programs at Yes Boss

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VIP-программы интимного массажа в салоне Yes BossErotic VIP programs are aimed at sophisticated visitors. They abound in improvisation, unexpected twists, pleasant additions.

Events for VIPs give you a ton of opportunities.

  • Adding girls. The client can attract additional masseuses. This will diversify the procedure, make it bright and unforgettable.
  • The use of accessories. For lovers of special pleasures, strap-ons and latex outfits are available. They increase the degree of immersion, reveal new facets of sensuality.
  • Moisturizing the skin. Masseuses use aromatic oils that increase the pleasure of tactile contact.
  • Water treatments. Tune in the right way will help a shower with a girl. The guest will forget about the problems and troubles, wash away the accumulated stress.
  • Participation in the games. Exciting erotic performances will add fire. Visitors are waiting for the game “Fountain”, peep and lesbian shows.

Premium segment programs are held in special rooms. It features roomy beds and huge mirrors. The premises are shrouded in twilight, have a unique style.

Erotic VIP show in the center of St. Petersburg

Studio Yes Boss invites true connoisseurs of eroticism. We have prepared amazing programs filled with passion, lust and excitement.

In stock solutions for various customers.

  • Beginners. The first time you visit a salon, you should order Erotic Temptation and Sensual Massage. Programs are based on gentle touches, have a leisurely rhythm.
  • Experienced visitors. Regular customers are recommended “Emperor 4 Hands”, “Breath of Passion”, “Sweet Strawberry”. Guests will enjoy private dancing, enjoy imitating oral and classic sex.
  • Lovers of forbidden pleasures. To seek the help of Madame is the most sophisticated visitors. At their service are BDSM programs related to dominance, submission and sweet pain.

Couples in love can visit the SPA salon. Group procedures are provided for them, allowing you to look at a partner from a new angle. Participants can change girls and order additional services.

Masseuses of erotic massage are waiting for you 24/7

Enjoy an intimate massage at any time. The studio is open 24/7 and offers morning, afternoon and evening programs. Early visitors receive pleasant bonuses, can order tonic treatments. For daytime clients, express solutions are provided. Evening guests are waiting for large-scale performances that cause a surge of emotions.

Three reasons to visit the studio this evening.

  • Location in the center of St. Petersburg. You can get to the salon from any part of St. Petersburg. Customers just need to use a taxi, personal or public transport.
  • Transparent rates. The cost of services is stated in the regular price list, not burdened with additional fees and commissions.
  • Diversity. Themed events are held in the salon. Each visit to Yes Boss becomes an amazing adventure worth repeating.

When paying for any of the taxi programs at our expense.

You can apply for a visit to the studio right now! Use the site’s functionality or contact our administrators by phone.

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the northern capital within the Ring Road at subject to choosing a program from 4000 p.)

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