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Erotic massage 2500 rubles

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ALL INCLUSIVE IN 4 HANDS – a service from the salon Yes Boss

Разделитель Разделитель

Amazing erotic program filled with hot touches. You will experience new emotions, discover the charm of intimacy with two girls. The event has a special charm, it is important at any age.

массаж в 4 руки

Massage in 4 hands is:

  • Comprehensive relaxation. A relaxing massage will remove the accumulated negative. It will eliminate excessive tension, will fully restore strength.
  • Pleasant excitement. The program involves charming girls. They have an impeccable figure, are perfectly mastered massage technique.
  • Unforgettable impressions. Body massage surrounded by beautiful women is the dream of every man. Such an event will long remain in the memory.

The procedure takes place in a special setting. You are surrounded by twilight, mirrors and charming aromas. We have done everything possible so that you tune in the right way.

Features of the program

The event contains:

  • Relaxing massage. Comprehensive body preparation. The procedure will improve blood flow, will get the most enjoyment.
  • Imitation of classic sex. The action is similar to the full sexual intercourse. You will get exquisite pleasure, experience amazing sensations.
  • The taste of cherries. Petting, kissing and touching the masseuse’s chest.
  • Touch in the bikini area. The special privilege of the client, increasing the intensity of passions.
  • Sakura branch. You will be shrouded in gentle whispers and light breaths, the body will be filled with a special, sweet languor.
  • Massage lingam. Girls pay attention to the sexual organ. They will do their best to give you maximum satisfaction.

Naked massage in 4 hands is a unique event that allows you to feel intimacy at a new level. At the end you will find the game “Fountain” and aqua-procedures with girls.

As part of the massage for the guys apply oil formulations. They have a pleasant smell, contribute to the best relaxation.

Who is suitable for this event?

групповой массаж в 4 руки спб

“All inclusive in 4 hands” will like it if:

  • you like to be in the company of several girls;
  • you are attracted by passionate caresses;
  • you like classic sex;
  • you always dreamed of trying something new;
  • You appreciate various massage programs, you like to combine them.

The event can be called universal. It will appeal to sophisticated visitors and beginners.

Favorable offer for you

Yes Boss is a round-the-clock massage salon in St. Petersburg. We invite connoisseurs of refined rest, we offer rich and original programs.

Our advantages:

  • Rich assortment. Everyone can choose the right event. There are solutions for couples, lovers of BDSM and “toys.” Presents a combined program, giving pleasure at all levels.
  • Wonderful surroundings. Massage rooms have an amazing interior, have a good rest.
  • The possibility of choosing a masseuse. You independently select the girls for the procedure. When extending the session, the masseuses can be replaced.
  • We are located in the center of St. Petersburg. You can get to the salon from any part of St. Petersburg.

At your service an excellent bar and nice bonuses. When ordering the program “All inclusive in 4 hands” you get a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates.

Разделитель Разделитель

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* (The promotion is valid for residents and guests of the Northern capital within the RING road. subject to the choice of the program from 4000 rubles.)

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